Focus Area: Minority Founders

August 9, 2022

Constellation Brand Ventures

Constellation Ventures aims to be an active minority investor with all of our investments. We want the enthusiasm and excitement for your brand to shine and keep you focused on doing what you do – even better.

Salesforce Impact Portfolio

Salesforce Ventures is the global investment arm of Salesforce and is focused on partnering with the most results-oriented enterprise technology companies at every stage in their journey.

SAP.iO No Boundaries

SAP.iO helps innovators start-up and scale with SAP. We deliver new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation as well as incubating employee ventures. 

Pivotal Ventures

Founded by Melinda French Gates, Pivotal Ventures accelerates social progress in the United States by removing barriers that hold people back.

The Mezzanine Fund

Funding a growth path to the middle market for diverse-owned businesses, The Mezzanine Fund generates market returns by creating sustainable business value beyond creating value from financial engineering.

Riveter Capital

Riveter Capital is a women and minority owned private investment firm with a passion for supporting other women and minorities.

Seae Ventures

At Seae, we don’t look, sound, or act like a “traditional” venture firm. We’re passionately committed to the idea that diverse teams can drive premium returns through innovative solutions.

January 25, 2022

Unshackled Ventures

We’ve started companies as immigrants—we get it. Our own journeys inspired us to create Unshackled Ventures, so that we could remove the bottlenecks of immigration and amplify your superpowers.


We believe that communities should control their local economic development and share in the wealth it creates. Communities should decide which entrepreneurs get the capital they need to reshape their Main Streets. And members of the community should reap financial rewards when they invest in the entrepreneurs who succeed.


Fundable was created by the founders of startups who have collectively raised from dozens of angel investors and venture capitalists. We understand the challenges you face as you create a business, and we’re happy to offer our personal expertise to all clients looking to crowdfund.

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