Max Capital: $400,000

September 15, 2021

Four Bands Community Fund

We offer a range of business loan products to help entrepreneurs in any stage of business development. Whether you are just starting up or are an established firm looking for a line of credit, we can help you.

Metropolitan Economic Development Association

Our vision is to create thriving communities through equal economic participation. This can be achieved through BIPOC entrepreneurs, with Meda’s services and community support. Access to financing for operations and expansions is especially important for minority business stability and growth. Meda’s business loan program is designed to help clients find access to much-needed funding, which otherwise might not be available through traditional lending resources.

September 2, 2021

Camino Financial

Camino Financial’s mission is to catalyze economic growth within low-to-moderate-income communities by empowering small businesses to create new jobs and grow sustainably.

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