Location: Austin, Texas

June 17, 2023

Newtype Ventures

Early stage, sector-agnostic VC firm investing in underrepresented minority-led companies

August 9, 2022

True Wealth Ventures

True Wealth Ventures invests in women-led companies with healthy or sustainability impacts at the core of their value propositions.

January 25, 2022

Vista Equity Partners

By providing technology expertise, operational guidance and capital for sustainable growth, we empower organizations across all industries to stay ahead in the digital economy. We support the diverse communities in which we live and work—it’s core to who we are.

DivInc’s Social Justice Innovation Accelerator

DivInc’s Social Justice Innovation Accelerator supports startups addressing racial inequities in healthcare, education, housing, mobility, criminal justice, or voting. This issue-specific program is 100% focused on finding and equipping the most innovative startup companies that are addressing inequities and disparities caused by institutionalized bias and racism.

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

We typically fund social enterprises that directly serve or impact children or youth from urban low-income communities in the areas of education, health, and family economic stability (including livelihoods and financial inclusion).

September 15, 2021

BCL of Texas (formerly CEN-TEX Certified Development Corporation)

BCL of Texas supports communities of color to acquire wealth-building assets such as home ownership and entrepreneurship, with the financial tools and education necessary to optimize positive economic returns. We serve low and moderate income individuals, families, and small business owners, with an emphasis on diversity and underserved communities.


BiGAUSTIN has been committed to meeting the unique financial needs of new and existing entrepreneurs. We offer a variety of loan programs to fit the growing needs of small businesses.

September 2, 2021

Central Texas Angel Network

A nonprofit, member-based organization, the angel group features more than 185 individual accredited investors from an extensive cross-section of sectors and backgrounds. CTAN members not only invest; they also mentor entrepreneurs and connect them to business resources, providing critical support to the success of early-stage business and the Texas economy.

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