Focus Area: Maryland-Based

September 15, 2021

Enterprising Women of Color DMV Business Center

The Enterprising Women of Color District, Maryland, Virginia Business Center fosters and supports a small-business ecosystem for women of color in the National Capital region.

Maryland Capital Enterprises

Since 2000, Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc., a 501(c)(3) private nonprofit organization, has worked to build communities by supporting local small businesses in Maryland. MCE empowers businesses to grow, create jobs, and generate wealth on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and across the state.

ECDC Enterprise Development Group

EDG promotes opportunities for self-sufficiency and development to low- to moderate-income people through sustainable economic and community development initiatives.

Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC)

We are Empowered Women International (EWI), a program of the Latino Economic Development Center. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurship training, mentoring, market access and support services to help talented and high-potential women monetize their creative or cultural assets, artistic abilities, knowledge and skills, and become change-makers in their families, communities and the world for immigrant, refugee, low-income, and at-risk women.

Partner Community Capital (formerly Natural Capital Investment Fund)

By providing flexible capital and advisory services to small businesses, non-profits, and farms, Partner Community Capital (PCAP) catalyzes environmentally and socially responsible business development and wealth creation in rural, minority, and low-wealth communities.