Focus Area: Hispanic / Latino

September 21, 2021

Visible Hands

Visible Hands is a VC firm that provides exceptional founders from underrepresented backgrounds with the funds, hands-on support, and community they need to thrive at the earliest stages of company building.

Zane Venture Fund

Fueling Innovation Through Inclusive Investing.

September 2, 2021

Fearless Fund

Fearless Fund is the first VC fund founded by women of color for women of color. The Fund invests in women of color founded consumer and technology companies at the Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A stages.

Serena Ventures

The firm seeks to invest in e-commerce, fintech, health, sports and wellness, Web3, edtech, enterprise, social, and climate technology sectors. We invest in companies that change the everyday lives of average people

BBG Ventures

BBGV is an early-stage fund that backs female and diverse founders solving the needs of consumers, workers and employers. BBGV invests in innovation across big categories driving a polycultural America: Health and Wellbeing; Future of Work and Education; FinTech; Climate; and solutions for overlooked consumers.

Reign Ventures

Reign Ventures invests in seed stage enterprise software and consumer tech startups. We focus on founders with historically limited access to early-stage capital, and we aim to enable exceptional founders in building companies that create value with financial, intellectual and social capital.

SoGal Ventures

SoGal leads pre-seed and seed rounds for women and diverse founders that revolutionize the future of living, working and staying healthy. We are capitalizing on the three biggest investment opportunities of our time: Underrepresented founders, undercapitalized geographies, and underserved problems.

Harlem Capital

An early stage VC fund investing in diverse founders

SteelSky Ventures

SteelSky Ventures is one of the largest women’s health funds in the world investing in companies that improve access, care and outcomes in women’s healthcare.

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